Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How active do I have to be?
A: To take one of our cruises you would need to be able to step in and out of the boat which in some cases may involve climbing steps. Onboard there are stairs leading to the upper and lower decks and cabins which are steep and narrow. There are also opportunities to go ashore which may involve climbing down to a tender. In addition to which excursions ashore may well require a level of walking ability to enjoy.


Q: How many guests do you take?
A: We run with a maximum of 8 guests in 4 cabins.


Q: Do you accept children/animals?
A: it is with regret we are unable to take children under 12 or animals.


Q: What time do we join the boat?
A: Guests join the boat at 4pm on day of departure for welcome canapes and champagne, unless stated otherwise in your itinerary.


Q: Itineraries
A: The itinerary stated on our website or that of others, are indicative only and is not a guarantee that that particular route will be followed. HLIC reserves the right to vary the cruise in any way we consider preferable due to adverse weather or other circumstances beyond our control. The skipper has the ultimate decision regarding safety for the vessel and crew however he will always communicate and allow for your input.


Q: What is included in the price of the cruise?
A: Our cruises are all-inclusive. The price includes all food; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between, all soft drinks, wines and spirits. All planned excursions are also included in the price.


Q: What wildlife will I see on the cruise?
A: Our itineraries take the paths that are rich in Scottish wildlife however how much is seen varies according to what time of year we are cruising. We do a range of guided wildlife walks with the express intention to see as much wildlife as is possible. There will be a variety of dolphins and porpoises, and seabirds are frequently seen. We carry binoculars onboard but would still recommend you bring your own.


Q: How spacious are the cabins?
A: As with any boat there is restricted space however, cabins have been designed with your comfort in mind. Each cabin features a standard double bed and ensuite shower room.


Q: Can I charter the whole boat?
A: Yes, you can do a full charter. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Q: Is WiFi available?
A: Yes, free WiFi is available throughout the boat for the duration of your cruise.


Q: Are there washing and drying facilities?
A: With regret, there are no laundry or drying facilities onboard. However, we will always do our best should the need arise.


Q: Will I get seasick?
A: We cruise in sheltered waters. However, we cannot always guarantee good weather and there may well be occasions where we head for shelter moorings.


Q: Is smoking allowed on board?
A: There is a designated smoking area on board the boat.


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