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Highland Lassie Covid-19 risk assessment and Guest Guidance

The risk assessment is to advise and protect you, our guests, staff and ourselves AGAINST Covid-19, it is designed to highlight any dangers to enable us to take measures to mitigate those risks ensuring you are staying in a safe environment. There are measures throughout the boat and outside seating areas, a clear and precise cleaning schedule is in place to ensure your safety.  A copy can be provided for your information upon booking confirmation.


Please ensure you are fit to travel, should you feel unwell upon arrival we would ask that you return home and a full refund will be given, should you fall ill during you stay, needing medical assistance (details within the cabin),  this will be supplied.  Be aware that costs will be incurred for a longer stay without discounts and that you will also incur the costs of any cancellation we have to give any incoming guests along.

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