Highland Wildlife

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Highland Wildlife


Near Loch Ness

The Highland wildlife in the Inverness area when you stay with us on the Highland Lassie can vary from the smallest otters to the largest stags. If you are looking for Scottish boat holidays near Loch Ness, then wildlife spotting amongst the beautiful scenery will undoubtedly be an important part of your break. 

Some animals are rarer to see than others. It might be tricky to spot a red squirrel, but easier – although not any less impressive – to get a photo of a Highland coo. Here are some animals that you might be able to spot on your trip to Scotland. Can you mark any of these off your to-see checklist?

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An Array of Wildlife

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Dolphins & Porpoises

There are a few types of dolphin in Scottish waters, including the bottlenose and common dolphin. A close relative, the harbour porpoise, can also be seen. You might catch a dolphin jumping out of the water if you are lucky!

Minke Whale

Did you think there were no whales in Scotland? If so then you are in for a surprise! The Minke Whale is one of the smaller members of the family, but still make for an awe-inspiring watch. These are quite rare creatures to spot. They might leave British waters in the winter (nobody really knows) so summer is the best spotting time.

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A dolphin jumping out of the waterA porpoiseA minke whaleTwo Highland cowsA buzzard


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Otters to Coos


Finding an otter in the wild is a wonderful sight. Although reclusive and difficult to spot, they are playful creatures that can often be seen along our waterways throughout the year. Loch Ness boat holidays are the perfect way to make the most of your chances to catch sight of a wild otter. 

Pine Martin

Related to the otter, pine martins are forest dwellers that can be found across the Highlands. They are often out at night-time, and you need to be observant and keep looking up at the trees for your best chance of a sighting!

Red Deer

One of our most majestic animals, red deer are reasonable easy to see in upland forest and moorland areas. Autumn sees the rutting period begin where male stags fight each other for mating rights – a sight and sound that you will never forget. 

Red Squirrel

You’ll have no problem seeing grey squirrels in Scotland, but it’s the red squirrel that will capture your imagination. It is Scotland’s only native squirrel and has become rare thanks to the invasion of its grey cousin. Spotting one of these jumping from branch to branch is a rare treat.

Highland Coo

Who doesn’t love a Highland coo?! These wonderful animals can be seen in fields all over the region. With their thick red coat, these cows are popular for selfies. Don’t get too close though – they lick!

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Birds of Prey


Soaring the Skies


Often seen soaring above Scotland, Buzzards are most often observed circling in the air narrowing in on their prey. Their distinctive call can alert you to their presence well before you see them. They can often be seen in pairs. 

Golden Eagle

Of all Highland wildlife, we Scots have a special place in our hearts for the golden eagle, a bird that inspires both pride and awe. It’s a huge bird, up to a metre in length and a wingspan of well over two metres. So it’s a stirring sight to spot one of them soaring over the glens and mountains, and well worth waiting for. 


Ospreys are fishing birds, and as such they are found around our lochs and reservoirs. There are various sites you can visit to spot them at work, and can be seen in Scotland from April to September. They are expert fish hunters – be sure to bring your camera for some amazing shots as they leap up out of the water with their catch.

Stay on a boat and experience Scottish wildlife

Have we whetted your appetite for a holiday with a difference? If we have, then we’d love to welcome you onboard the Highland Lassie. There is so much Highland wildlife to see around Inverness and Loch Ness that the Highland Lassie is the perfect base for your adventures.

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